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a seven-month high today. gold is really rallying. foreign markets, we talked about it because of what has happened. shanghai in particular. we began to get word from the chinese government that they were going to try to push another stimulus plan for whatever you think it works. they were up 2%. general electric talked about it, the best performer in the dow jones. since 2008. general electric, a very strong component of the doubt. we are awaiting key earnings from nike and research in motion. can the blackberry maker prove that they are still in the game with the crockery can? >> we will break down the results who has a sneak preview. also, trade with china reaching
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over $174 billion this year. we have a ceo who is hoping to change all that by making it easier than ever for u.s. businesses to sell their products in china. the domestic market is booming. is that the place to be? he will tell you how to get in. first, today's data download. all three ending in the green. the s&p breaking a losing streak. technology and energy were top performers. utilities did lack of it. today was the biggest for stocks in september, the fed announced its money program. u.s. weekly jobless claims fell to its lowest level in two months last year, 26,000 to 359,000. it was revised up, which happens to show 3000 more applications than previously reported. long-lasting durable goods plummeting in august, posting the worst job, the decrease was
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led by aircraft orders that fell more than 500%. covering all of these issues, we have larry with the cme. telling us why this market is overextended and brian jones breaking down the most important economic data point. you have to watch. he will tell you what that is coming over. let's start with larry economic news. we have terrible durable goods orders. it hasn't been this bad in about three years. we had the gdp slowdown continuing. originally, 1.7% is bad enough. but 1.3% is what it was revised downward to. why the bad economic news? >> you know, as we try to reconcile the world, nobody cares about the ego knows, really. the numbers you talk about. all eyes are on europe.
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the things that they have done are genuinely at the beginning or at the end and that is the question. i think they are at the beginning. when you have a revised gdp home sales, but nobody seems to care right now. all eyes are on your. david: china getting the big bump, recently. we show that shanghai index up a result of plans that they have to stimulate the economy. again, i put stimulate in quotes because who knows if it is momentary for china. >> we have this bump of china of 2.5%, you can't underestimate the short-term tailwind, whatever they have for the economic expansion, especially
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on commodities prices. that is part of the reason why we have a significant progress. david: were you aware of all this? that is basically what it is. were you worry about it? >> i am very suspicious and wary. however, i don't think that the close is clear. a little bit underweight equities, as you well know, a lot longer for state solvents. david: keep the sound there. i want to hear there is any interaction. tim is joining us right now. when we think about these honeypots in the market? >> i agree with him. the market is clearly ignoring the negative news that we are seeing in the u.s. and the fact that we are in a recession and maybe longer in europe.
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it is not deterring people from buying stocks right now. you could certainly call it a bubble in general. i think equities was probably overheated here. given the weak industrial numbers, given the likelihood of recession, if you wanted to this market, you can use broad-based etf's, but those names are something to shy away from. david: is this bubble likely to possums that is what is going on? >> it talks about three different continents. if you think that these are bubbles, one thing that they share is funny money.
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david: they are all printing more cash in order to pump up the economy. if you believe that leads to bubbles like allen greenspan did, then this bubble is the bubble for all of these. >> is actually a bit better on revenue of 2.9 billion, they were expecting a loss of 46 cents per share. that cash on 2.3 billion, the launch of the blackberry can come 2013. >> i misspoke. the losses were not as bad as we expected. >> 2.3 billion in losses. david: okay. 2.2 billion is what is reported,
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so they have a little bit more about lead, they are growing a little bit, which is good news in terms of the cash on hand. how much is that cash burn and will eventually begin to catch up with her. the subscriber base was up about 2 million. i want to go back to tim if i can. when you look at research in motion and their attempts to claw back from the whole they were sinking into, did you think that you have any chance of doing it? >> you hit it on the head. it is really a question of can you get the next product out, can you get new, you know, if a product transition and get your cash flow back in the positive. the stock is really treated like an option. i think there is some odd value, but it's dwindling very quickly as microsoft is cutting into the
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business. it is a question of how to monetize the cash. david: it is something that is for sure. let's bring in scott from web securities. whether this blackberry 10 will be a game changer. we have seen the numbers. they have a successful blackbird lodge, cannot be a game changer for the company? >> somewhat of a relief -- i think the operating system is pretty solid and i think it's going to be a very important transition. that makes apple more competitive than blackberries. i think that is what makes it different. david: all the support of
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structures around the device, it used to be that the device was the center of attention. right now, it is the support system. >> that is just as important if not more so, right? >> even more than that. everything is moving towards that. apples devices icloud, research in motion is still developing their strategy. it has been very lackluster. that is why i like the ecosystem approach. david: the one thing that surprises me about apple, they have not specifically targeted that blackberry crowd. >> i think i'm a technology standpoint, apple hasn't been going that hard after that
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enterprise. tablets and smartphones, government is targeting them, they are very aggressive, they are leading the fight in the consumer market for the android and apple products. david: apple is sitting back saying that research in motion is destroying himself with what they're doing. we will just sit back and let them loose their market share over time. eventually, we will jump in and fight with google to worry about it. >> i think there is some agreement to that. obviously, first and foremost from the fight is with google. i think apple has to be a little bit smarter. microsoft could gain traction. microsoft and apple could be going head-to-head once again.
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david: i want to go back to larry for a second. because we haven't heard about the transcendence. >> especially in october, people buying and hoping for a 5% correction in stock. secondly, very negative, although i don't give much weight to any analyst at all. it makes me think how much worse can it get. frankly, i like black. i have one. i think maybe the sky is the limit. david: most businesses still use them and maybe they also have an iphone. everybody has several iphone's. scott, thank you very much for that breaking analysis. similarly, we will come right back to you because we have a lot more to discuss with brian jones. one of the chief economist to talk about these numbers that came out and how they are eventually going to affect the market. when they do, we have answers coming up.
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what stock is the most important to consider in your money. meanwhile, colombia surpassing argentina. how is their economy managing to hold up and how can you cash in on all of this? former president who turned the entire country around. alvaro uribe is joining us in a fox business exclusive. and mcdonald's has come for the fast food world and now they are going after the television market. we will tell you how straight ahead. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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david: the one analyst we haven't heard from as far as rim does, nicole petallides. what is going on down there? >> talking to the traders and the after hours of research in motion. the stock came out with their quarterly numbers, earnings per share. revenue and still losing money.
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we talk about them having a third straight quarterly loss, however, they reiterated the fact that they have had subscriber growth up to 80 million up from 78 million. also doing well with the blackberry. they say they can very easily work through the applications for the fact that they really have done well, people are still wondering where is the cashon how much cash they have on hand, how they grow those numbers. that is something that everyone will be looking to. >> vocal, thank you very much. we have another company reporting earnings. >> you're going to like this, david. earnings-per-share coming in at $1.23. revenue, $6.7 billion. expecting 6.4 billion. this was a 10% increase in revenue. pretty good first report from 90. david: good report, but after
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hours, there are a lot of issues over there. 30% of nike's profits come from china. you know how china is doing. the slowdown may be affecting the market numbers. we are going to dig through them. adam, let's bring back the all-star panel. we had him and brian jones and larry shoulder. let me go to you first. we haven't heard from you yet. personal come let's talk about these economic numbers, which frankly, there was a little bit of good manners, a little bit of good news from the jobs numbers, but the durable goods orders down 13%. this is the lowest it has been since 2009. how does that affect the economy and when will that pick up with the stock market? >> the biggest problems were the decline in aircraft orders, which was widely anticipated. the numbers were extremely good.
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shipments and orders excluding aircraft. they were used to project the government estimates of equipment spending and gdp and they were extremely weak in the first two months of the quarter. david: wives manufacturing getting weak right now? >> part of what we are seeing is the fact that businesses right now are uncertain and headed into the national election and there is no incentive to pony up and spend money on capital equipment right now. david: tim, you see 1.7% gdp numbers down, the weakest recovery that we have had since the great depression. but now it is 1.3%. the gdp numbers come down even further. are these the numbers that forced ben bernanke, even though i don't think he is making the right move, is this what he felt compelled to do all he did in qe-3? >> we have seen this. third-quarter gdp number since
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2008. we are churning through what happened inventory in the economy in 2008. we will live through the same cycle in 2012. we are really looking at the data that ben bernanke's right, it looks like we are looking into another recession here, even though the stock market says the all-time highs are bumping up levels where we would not be seeing additional stimulus. david: i hear a lot of people expressing their october surprises. we have had some of this before, 1987, is anybody down there expecting those? >> yes, they are. keep in mind, something happens that is profoundly different. we have seen a meaningful
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location out of consumer staples and financials end technology. that is eerie. people are really starting to get data. is this the beginning of the end of an october debacle or something new? that is the argument that is going on on the floor right now. david: what stocks are most vulnerable in this environment? >> that is a tough call. i generally don't talk about equities we met. david: i know that tim certainly does. i know that you have some panning ones as well. let's talk about the ones you expect to do well. why do you think that international paper is a good stock. >> they are probably seeing pricing power. contrary to the data we are seeing, we are seeing names like them, really getting prices to consumers. their exposure there, this could mean eight up to 10%, you have seen it react already, it has
4:21 pm
more upside. david: las vegas. a lot of pickers love this stuff. why do you? >> well, you are still seeing a fair amount of exposure to an operation in singapore. about 30% of the revenue. only about 20% exposure to vegas. the numbers are just terrific. gaming revenue is great, a lot of stocks that are cheap. david: tim and brian larry, thank you for sticking around a little lower than usual. we appreciate it. david: colombia used to be the last place to do business. now, it has become the second-largest economy to all of south america. the man who orchestrated this amazing turnaround, former president alvaro uribe joining us in a fox business exclusive right after this.
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and fedex is expanding into the pc repair business. that story ahead in today's speed reader [ owner ] i need to expand
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david: it's time for a quick speed read. starbucks is brewing up plans to invade the nordic region. the seattle-based company's will open the first of stores it in norway next year. mcdonald's is launching its custom tv channel. it will have its own news, sports, and entertainment reports for local neighborhoods. and the move by enterprise, hertz, avis, expected to pave the way for legislation that would cover the entire industry. fedex is moving into the pc
4:26 pm
repair business. shipping giant launching its tech connect service with repair to expertise of computers. referees back on the field for tonight's game with baltimore. officials union agreeing on an eight-year deal. they began in early june. it all came to a head with that seattle versus green bay packers game. many people say the green bay packers were robbed. >> colombia's economy is booming and we have the former president who is credited with bringing it back from the dead. the former president alvaro uribe joining us next in a fox business exclusive. in the slowdown in china. we have a ceo who says it is actually a great destination for u.s. products. don't think about going there to export. think about going there and staying there. our expert tells us why straight
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ahead. don't forget to log onto"after the bell." click the white button. do you think china is the next great export hub for u.s. products? ♪
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unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. david: time for a look at today's market drivers. stocks ending in the green with the s&p 500 breaking a five-session losing streak, and the dow a four-day losing streak. technology and energy were the top performers while utilities lagged. it was the best day for the dow and s&p 500 since september 13th. pending home sales fell from a two-year high in july. the number of americans buying previously owned home dropped 2.6% in august. second quarter gdp growth was revised down 1.3% compared to a previous reading of 1.7%.
4:31 pm
output was lower to reflect weaker rates of consumer and business spending. despite the world economic slowdown colombia's economy grew 4.9% in the second quarter and it's actually moved ahead of argentina to become latin america's second largest economy. not too long ago it was the last place anybody wanted to do business. they had a marxist rebellion argues crippling drug war. liz claman is live at the concordia summit in new york with the man many credit the one responsible for the turnaround. former president alvaro uribe. liz? liz: we're honored to have former colombian president alvaro uribe to talk about the things you put in place when you were president from 2000 to 2010. most vibrant economy down there what was it that you did if you could pick one or two things that has made
4:32 pm
colombia as strong as it is today? >> thank you, liz. what i called triangle of confidence. we were unique to create confidence within the domestic and community of investors and confidence for the foreign investors. and this triangle was made of security, investment promotion and social cohesion. at the same time, security and investment, and social cohesion are abundant. liz: very important. here are numbers if you really want to be blown away. when president uribe got into office about 2 billion in foreign investment. today that has grown exponentially to 17 billion. what is it about colombia that makes it attractive to foreign investments? >> besides what i call security, the fight against kidnapping, against homicides, we created political security and legal security.
4:33 pm
we enacted a allow the government to pass set of riles lasting 20 years for investors to be confident in the country and at the same time political security. in a country where people are at the moment they wake up in the morning they have to think, what is the next operation that the government will do that is not political security. liz: that would be a hit on venezuela correct? you're smacking down venezuela and hugo chavez who nationalized many oil companies, including american oil companies, basically snatched them, that is not something that happens in colombia. the opposite happens. you've been so successful the peso strengthened pretty dramatically. that in a way is a double-edged sword we like to say in english here. it is good and it is bad. what do you think happens? you think the current government at some point has to weaken the peso so your
4:34 pm
exports become more attractive? >> the solution is to respect our independence of the central bank but at the same time in colombia we have no resolved all of our problems yet. we are winning but we haven't won. we're starting to consider that these extremes valuation of our domestic currency and creates problems for jobs. therefore the government must find ways to compensate for this and support jobs. liz: my co-anchor, david asman was "the wall street journal" south american bureau chief for many years. he would love to ask you a question. david: thank you very much, liz. president uribe, for those who don't know you were a very tough president. i was in colombia when pablo escobar was running around medellin.
4:35 pm
when marksest guerrillas controlled a third of country. people were throwing up their hands, said it was impossible to correct the situation. you came in. were very tough. took on the drug dealers and took on the marxist guerrillas and business came back to colombia. people said it couldn't be done. you did it. mexico is having trouble attracting business because they virtually have the same problem you did with the drug dealers. they don't have the marxist gur rile la war that you did but a lost businesses are afraid going to mexico because of that. can they use your methods for cleaning up their problems? >> 40 years ago our guerrillas were marxist oriented but they are looking for money from the narcotics. therefore the cases are
4:36 pm
quite similar between mexico and colombia. it is necessary to have the political determination. we won, with what i call democratic security policy. all the determine nation to arrest the criminals at the same time with democratic values. in the process to dismantling the narcoterrorist organizations we introduced three decisions. first authority. secretary general rossty but without impunity and third social cohearse shun and investment to avoid to the youngsters. liz: let me just finish by bringing it back to our relationship with the united states. we are your number one exporter relation between colombia and the u.s. do you feel that the current administration is doing enough to encourage colombian trade? is there something more that can be done? what is your wish-list for
4:37 pm
your country related to the united states? >> but at least to have congress ratify the free-trade agreement with colombia, the free-trade agreement we negotiated and closed with the united states during the previous administration. liz: david has one more question. david, go ahead. david: it is related to the problems in mexico. as you know corruption is endemic in mexico. there is so much corruption that has gone on for so many decades in mexico. again a lot of businesses are reluctant to get in because of that. if you're going to clean up the drug problem in mexico as you did in colombia, you have to deal with corruption. particularly among the police who are supposed to go after the drug dealers, not work with the drug dealers. how do you deal with a corruption problem in a place like mexico? >> no, no. i can not speak about mexico. i have all the respect for
4:38 pm
president calderon. president calderon demonstrated all the courage. he uncover this problem. he has placed the problem on the table. he fought this problem with all the dearly nation. i applaud president calderon for fighting narcotrafficking. it knows how to benefit every aspect of the community, every level of the government. when they penetrate, it is because they want to introduce corruption. liz: hopefully they will take some lessons for what you were able to do in colombia. president uribe, thank you very much for joining us. and i should mention, david, a brand new board member of our parent company news corporation. thank you for stopping by. >> liz, david. thank you very much. liz: you're welcome. david: you can not overestimate how much this guy did to turn the country around, given up for dead and came right back. of the president uribe, thank you. narrowing the trade deficit
4:39 pm
and keeping manufacturing at home. the ceo of export now is telling us how his company is making it easier than ever for u.s. businesses to sell their products in china. mitt romney's energy plan for drilling and mining on public lands will create millions of jobs and bring millions for state revenue. so who should be in control, the state or the feds? we'll be discussing that, coming up next. ♪ . i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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4:42 pm
revenue fell short of estimates coming in at 1.96 billion. dish network is getting in the broadband business. satellite tv company plans to launch a tv service under dish net. this service won't match the high speed connection sold by cable tv rivals. the satellite broadband is aimed at 14 million rural companies with little or no internet access. that's the latest from the fox business, giving you the power to prosper i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many
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different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. david: china's economy is growing at its slowest pace in three years but frank lavin says china is growing at 3 1/2%. that is enough for u.s. companies to do well. he is the former u.s. undersecretary of commerce for international trade. always a pleasure to see him. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, david. david: what do you think about all the reports about the china slowdown?
4:44 pm
>> it is true china is growing less than its peak rate but will still be a very healthy at 7%. the important point, david, if the economy is growing at 7%, consumer spending is growing probably at 30% or so. david: when i hear numbers, as much as you deal with the chinese government you have to be skeptical of these numbers when you hear them, right? >> i think it is very hard to get precision in these numbers but we know there is a lot of good news in the consumer space when yum announces it opened its 4,000th kfc restaurant in china. when starbucks says china will be the second largest market after u.s. when great companies like pepsi and nike are hitting 30% growth rates we know there is a lot of good news in the consumer products sector in china. david: we do know that good news but there is also other news coming out. of course federal express telegraphed that a couple weeks ago when fred smith came out. federal express is not neutral. they spent a lot of money in
4:45 pm
china for transportation hub. when he says, i will quote, i'm somewhat amused watching china observers completely underestimate of the effects of slower exports on the overall china economy, doesn't that give you a little bit of a chill? >> i think there is no question in my mind there is a slowdown underway but i think also with the same point is china's well in the positive zone. so, not run into any analyst who says china will not have respectable numbers, 7%. now that might have social repercussions. it might cause other problems for china because that is off peak. they were 10 or 11% two or three years ago but from our perspective in the u.s., somebody who can grab 7% growth is doing a pretty good job. david: how do you get into the market there? assuming that the internal demand will continue to grow, because it is not, only reliant on what happens on the europeans and americans buying their products. they do have a growing internal demand as people get richer and the economy gets a little freer.
4:46 pm
how do i as a u.s. company get into selling to the chinese? >> what is interesting, david, china is the most e-commerce intensive country in the world. more consumers look to e-commerce for every day needs in china than any other country in the world. so it has the largest e-commerce platforms and best delivery systems, collection systems and so forth. so our main way we help u.s. companies we get them on the e-commerce platforms. we put them up on the web page. do last mile delivery. do collections in remini by for them. we can do commerce in china without ever going to china. david: what sells well among chinese? what kind of goods, what kind of services? >> we're only in the consumer space. there is enormous preference for u.s. food and wine. they are premium products but well-regarded products. baby equipment, huge preference for those. pet supplies, automotive
4:47 pm
accessories. there is booming middle class in. china. as chinese consumer becomes more affluent and educated no wonder they want great stuff that u.s. companies make. david: particularly on the high end, right? tiffany style stuff? >> sure. or think of starbucks, david, the affordable luxury. not necessarily an ultraluxury good. it is a pricey product but something you can buy if you want one. that is how a lot of u.s. products are perceived in china. that is how nike and levis are perceived. most of the companies we work in are in that space. david: frank has a track record and a good one. frank lavin, getting u.s. companies into china. thanks a lot, david. >> thanks, david. >> president obama is bringing back debate over regulations and drilling controls. we have the very latest. why romney says his plan will power up production and drive growth. forget the gallup polls. there is another way to
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foretell who might win the election. it actually involves halloween. we'll tell you secrets coming up. ♪ hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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david: at the very heart of republican presidential nominee mitt romney's energy plan is a decades old debate over exactly who should be controlling drilling and mining, the states or the feds? fox news's alicia acuna is in denver with the details. hi alicia? >> hi, david. part of governor romney's energy plan includes removing federal controls over energy production on public land and handing it over to individual states. as you can imagine this is a pretty sensitive issue this western part of the country in particular because unlike places like oil-rich north dakota where private business and the state has a lot of control, the american west is home to most of the nation's public lands. right now for energy exploration and production to happen on federal land companies go through an extensive permitting process that could take months to years the romney plan changes timeline, speeds it
4:53 pm
up by giving states more power to work with companies and regulators through the process and therefore the candidate says increase america's energy production and security, something industry argues could be good for everyone. >> you can protect resources, air, water, wildlife habitat and so forth and still produce energy. the amount of impact we're talking about on federal lands is a postage stamp on the united states. it is very, very little impact. so it is not either or question. >> it is shortsighted because all it focuses on giveaways to big oil, campaign supporters. it doesn't think about what our energy mix needs to be five, 20, 50 years into the future where we have to make sure we have nonpolluting sources of energy, like wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy as a bigger and bigger part of our energy mix. >> in talking to both sides on the issue, david, one
4:54 pm
thing we found is, interesting, as in both interviews, both sides quoted former president theodore roosevelt saying that, to bolster their argument, referring to the fact that he expanded the use of federally controlled lands so that he could more efficiently use, the united states could more efficiently use natural resources. we found that interesting. i guess you can use anything to bolster your argument if you try. david: teddy roosevelt. i get image of both sides being pulled on each arm and him being caught in the middle. alicia, thank you very much. big data that could move the markets. tomorrow's's trades today. rim, forget about the polls and surveys there is actually a better indicator who could win the presidential election. what is it? we'll tell you coming up. ♪ . want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more...
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david: time to go "off the desk." forget about dailying tracking polls of gallup and others there might be a way to who wins the legislation in november and based on halloween mask sales. spirit halloween stores actually sold 30% more president obama halloween masks than romney masks. you can't even tell who that is. is that supposed to be romney? i guess it is. spirit halloween ceo says mask sales predicted winner in last four presidential
4:59 pm
elections. time for top two things. number two, dallas fed president richard fisher said to speak in texas the fed hawk is very vocal about objecting to the fed money printing. number one thing to watch we think is rim. look what is happening to rim after-hours. it is up 18% as a result of figures they came out with. we reported them to you percent right here on fox business. you have to stay here. melissa is next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. benjamin netanyahu lays down a new red line for iran. could it bring middle east tensions to a boiling point? plus, is fracking actually good for the environment? carbon emissions plunge and one environmentalist says, you can thank fracking. he is here to make the case. are you ready for some football? the refs and nfl make a deal. who scored and who got sacked. we'll break it down. even when they say it's not it is always about money.

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